Sunday, August 31, 2008

am I gonna beam up now?

While heading outside one recent morning to let out and feed the chickens, I noticed the sun burning off the last of the early mist. Thinking how beautifully inviting, the two-track road looked out our back door, I went back in to get my camera. I was kind of hoping that at the moment I snapped a photo, a deer, or fox or even a rabbit or turkey would stroll on by, by no. Then Hawg, my husband's kitty that went from he to she without a name change, suddenly said 'Hey, I want to be in the picture!' Like a moth to a flame, she bolted to the brightest patch and kind of looked as if she were about to beam up into an extra-terrestrial mother ship. (click photo to enlarge)
As I walked over to her, she did what all cats do when they want attention. Plop down where ever they may be, as if to say 'aren't I cute? now scratch my head.'

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Octopuses, Octopi, Octopodes have hearts & smarts!

I have just learned that there are three correct words for the plural of octopus.
And while I was educatiing myself, I also found out that they have three hearts and are highly intelligent...who knew?

I think artist Kelly Guswiler knows, and she also appreciates the beauty of this fascinating cephalopod (I learned that too). Kelly creates all kinds of whimsical and gorgeous fine art from handcrafted one of a kind jewelry, to handpainted floorcloths bursting with color. She has also recently opened Beach Bum Beads offering quality beads at affordable prices. Swim on over to her etsy shops and prepare to be dazzled and delighted.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wake Up America!

The Democratic National Convention has had many awesome speeches so far. Michelle Obama revealed her soft side, her maternal side...she was phenomenal. Ted Kennedy summoned up enormous strength and courage and moved many to tears.

But the one that seemed to me, who pumped up the crowd to the max so far has been the 'funny little man with the gorgeous wife' Dennis Kucinich. The Ohio Representative began his short (less than six minutes) speech much like any other speaker, but as he wound up he actually began to bounce!

Dennis was so energetic, passionate, brutally refreshing and held nothing back in pointing out the failings of the Bush administration and why we need to get out and vote this November.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Dog's Life...or maybe afterlife

A Dog's Life is the theme this month for ebay's Nibblefest art contest. I have created this folk art bare bones doggie (with heart) using acrylic paint on a salvaged piece of birch and framed with hammered bottle caps (beer mostly)

I call him Funnybones and he can be found HERE though the 27th of August. All entries for Nibblefest begin at just 99 cents to get the bidding started.
An ebay search of NFAC will pull up all the current canine collection. month is Smiling Black Cats!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

One of Brighty's Grandchicks

When dear old Brighty miraculously hatched 9 eggs last spring, I never would have thought her kids would be having more kids this summer. This little guy (or gal) hatched July 13 and is shown here about two weeks later. As you can see, chicks grow fast as their fluff quickly turns to feathers. Their wings develop faster than their little bodies and imagine their surprise when by accident they discover they can actually fly!

Seven chicks hatched in July by two sister hens who shared nest duty. The babies officially have two mamas, and the sisters get along pretty well. Now, two other sisters are sharing a clutch of at least 8 eggs, stay tuned.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back to Bottle-Capping...

A couple of posts ago, I showed a bottle cap snake I had made for an ebay contest.
It was kind of fun to do, but I have now started hammering the caps flat for projects and I find the process much more fulfilling. At first I thought I could pound them flat on a piece of wood, but no, that doesn't work so well. Our garage is equipped with a couple old large vises and I found that setting the cap on the anvil part of the vise is perfect. It really only takes about three mild 'bamms' on each side with a regular hammer, but be sure to start with the front of the cap if you want the edges to mainly turn under to the back. For a couple seconds after they have been flattened they are quite warm and I think that makes it easier to shape them if desired. I used size 18 5/8 in. wire nails to attach the caps to the wood part of the fish which was once a cutting board.

I was about to put the finished piece in my etsy shop for sale, but my husband saw it and said "I want it" for his little cabin downstate. So now I just have to find out if he is kidding or serious because he has never really taken an interest in the junk, I mean folk art I do.

If you click on the finished fish you can actually see the detail of each cap. I think the Leinie's Big Butt caps my sister sent me are my favorite so far. But then the Bell's Oberon (yellow sun face on orange) ones from my son Max are pretty cool too.

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