Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God have mercy on America and forgive us our trespasses...

I have always cringed when at the end of every speech our beloved president says '...and God bless America'. Bush thinks God is on our side, we can do no wrong and are entitled to His blessing. He had glorious visions of being the head decider, uniter, unifier, bringing democracy to all the dark areas of the planet where the evil-doers reside.

Reverend Wright's words were taken out of context, plain and simple just as so many soundbites are in the media. It's just like judging a book by it's cover. He may have embellished a bit but there are nuggets of truth in everything he was ranting about.

On the other hand, Hillary didn't embellish at all. Her mind (which is beginning to appear feeble) remembered a trip to Bosnia in a totally fabricated way. Hillary needs a vacation, and leave Bill at home with a sitter. Make that a Mrs. Doubtfire type sitter.

Like Barack Obama, I will not wear a flag pin either. The last time someone handed me a flag pin was when I voted in the 2004 election. I looked closely at that lapel pin, the sloppy way it was painted, flipped it over and glory was made in China.

Monday, March 24, 2008

What a whiner...

And then there is James Carville ranting about 'an act of betrayal' concerning the Bill Richardson's recent endorsement of Obama. James, you're wearing your Gollum pants again.

Credit is due to whomever made this side-by-side. It's the cat's meow.

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