Monday, December 24, 2007

I want to say something clever but nasty...

...I am not fond of this holiday, it always puts me in a fowl funk. Consumers flock by the masses to the opened-armed walmarts of the world to fill their carts with shiney new mass produced crap they think their family and friends need or want, put it on the credit card and head out into the frenzied traffic. I will probably delete this post soon as it will make me feel even worse to read it myself and then of course there is the guilt.

On a different but related note, I am giving that 'fair tax' idea some serious thought and my presidential vote may just hinge on who is the most likely to bring this much needed change about, it won't matter. The IRS needs to go. Period.

Also, my mail is totally screwed up, I have gotten no e-mail for nearly two whole days, not even the 'make your d*ck stick bigger' or get a 'fake rolex here' spam.
Not that I miss them, but it tells me something is really wrong when slimey spam won't even come through.
So if by chance I seem to be ignoring isn't my fault.

So try and enjoy the season, the days will now be getting longer (the silver lining)
~God Yul~

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