Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The best twenty-five cents I ever spent was on this cd I got at a yard sale last weekend. I knew the name was familiar to me but couldn't quite connect it. I pushed it into the player in my car and when the first track St. Teresa began, I thought I detected a beautiful Latina accent. But Joan is full of surprises. Her voice is so versatile it was as if each song was being sung by a different artist. I can hear hints of Jewel, Bonnie Raitt, Lisa Loeb, Carol Noonan, Tori Amos, Celine Dion and even Courtney Love. It wasn't until the the sixth track mega hit One Of Us began that I realized why I knew her name. Even if that song wasn't on this cd, it would still be way up there on my favorite of all time albums. And I'll never understand why Crazy Baby wasn't a huge hit as well. It is one of those rare songs that you love the very first time you hear need to get used to it. Maybe it is just too heart wrenching for most. But if you have ever been in a painful relationship that you struggle with and question yourself constantly over but you can't move on and you can't let go...then you will feel consoled by the words knowing you aren't alone.

Beautiful music can be the silver lining when you mix talent and torment.

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