Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I haven't seen the Da Vinci Code, the movie yet and although the book was interesting subject matter, it was terribly predictable. Ron Howard's work is outstanding and Tom Hanks never seems to bomb at the box office so I am hoping it will be worthwhile.

If Leo D. had had an affinity for corvids instead of
women as subject matter, his masterpiece might have looked something like this...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As you can see, Seven has moved into the living room and is trying out his new corner cage. For a much larger view, click on it and then enlarge it. I have left it pretty plain inside so as not to overwhelm him. After a few hours he is still in the very same spot but he has relaxed quite a bit, even becoming a bit chatty. He has an outdoor pen on our covered porch right on the other side of the wall in which we will be adding a small window with a swinging screen pet door. Hopefully he will learn how to operate it without too much stress and come and go as he wishes. New "things" always scare crows, so I'll be adding toys and interesting objects into his new home slowly.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Farewell Pidge. You were a dandy rooster and I will miss you very much. All our chickens have stories and Pidge is no exception. His mama had her clutch of eggs stolen and hatched by another hen, but Brighty was so determined to be a mother that she sat another 21 days on a couple of eggs that I had already put in the refrigerator. Both eggs amazingly hatched and Pidge and his sister Chamois arrived. Brighty is a very small bantam Silver Sebright and her two chicks were obviously from a larger hen but no matter. She was an excellent mom. It was so touching to see her try and keep them both warm and under her wings as they grew to her size in no time. I can still see her standing there with a wing outstretched over each one as they roosted for the night in the coop. Soon after that however, she cut the apron strings and chased them away with "you are on your own now kids". Chamois did make it to adulthood just barely. A red-tailed hawk found a way under the netting of the pen and she was gone. Pidge made friends with a few of the others. Last spring when one of the grey hens hatched a couple of chicks, Pidge took over as their father. He would scratch and cluck and show them where the tastiest bugs were, sometimes even holding them in his beak till the little ones arrived to eat them. He was so unselfish. Sadly one of the chicks was killed and then it's mother as well, leaving Pidge to care for Pretty Boy, the remaining youngster. He was the best father and they became as close as two roos can possibly be. They never sparred.

I have had many determined predators after the flock including a weasel and a mink but I think it was a possum that ripped through the fence and got Pretty Boy. Pidge had lost his little buddy and now Gimley the alpha rooster didn't want him around anymore. He is only half the size of Pidge but Gimley tormented him till I had to let him out of the pen. Pidge roamed free during the day and slept in our garage at night. He usually perched on a workbench but then migrated to the top of the garage door opener. I had to park outside or my car would be a mess. Chickens poop constantly even while they sleep. I built a small pen for Pidge with a doghouse to go into at night attached to the other pen so he could visit with the ladies. He seemed to be fine with it. We had to go away for the weekend and even though we were only away a short time, upon my return I could tell something was wrong as I neared his pen. I never found out what had broken through the chicken wire but all that remained of Pidge was a pile of feathers scattering in the breeze.

Yes, I know they are only chickens you might say, but they have a soul too. I am certain of it. And I can only hope that when Pidge crossed over to the other side, he had Pretty Boy, Chamois and others who passed on before him to welcome him home.

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