Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Alice Cooper in da UP...

When I was about 13 years old, I fell in love with Alice. Kids at school like Jamie McKensie thought I was a freak. He said "Alice Cooper spits beer on his audience, he is disgusting" to which I replied "Hey, he can spit beer on me anytime" Even my 7th grade geography teacher Mr. Bufe gave me a hard time (and a crappy grade too)

I was into heavy metal and alternative music until disco came along and corrupted us all. Our faded denim hip-hugger jeans were suddenly replaced with high-rise polyester. It was a dismal time for rock & roll.
Alice left his original band behind and went solo. Things were just never the same.

This past weekend, Alice Cooper came to Kewadin Casino in Sault St. Marie, MI

This happens to be only a couple hours away from where I live so I bought two tickets, and convinced my 24 year old son to go with me. In the meantime, my 17 yr old decided he wanted to go as well, but the show was sold out. In a stroke of luck we won two more tickets from local radio station WKLT and everyone was happy.

Instead of me writing a mediocre review of the show, I'll let you read an excellent one from a guy named Andy Ryan here

At 59, Alice still has what it takes, maybe even more. He and his current band members put on an fabulous, flawless, high energy show. I would go again in a heartbeat and I think my kids would too. Thanks Alice. Oh and btw, please tell us, did you really lose Kachina the boa in a Holiday Inn toilet?

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