Sunday, April 15, 2007

In some ways the Easter dinner I prepared for my family was a flop. Shopping on Easter eve narrowed my choices a bit as I had planned to roast a turkey. Finding only the frozen variety, I knew I should have thought about this sooner. What's this?...'a freezer to table' turkey it read. I took the bait.

Pros: yes, it will roast from it's frozen state.

Cons: it is basted with seasonings including garlic which makes it taste more like a rotisserie chicken.
You must cook it longer than suggested on the package.
It cooks in it's own bag which is hard to see through so I put it in the roaster breast side down by mistake.

And finally when someone asks 'where's the giblets?' you have to explain why there aren't any.

Needless to say, there was still a lot of meat on the bones when dinner was over so I thought perhaps I would invite some wildlife to dine. I put the carcass out on a patch of snow where I could watch it from time to time. That night a spring snowstorm passed through our area leaving us with several inches of new snow which buried the turkey.
The first to discover the treasure was a red tailed hawk. After a quick bite he spotted me peeking through the window blinds and left.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Next Came a family of crows. I love they way corvids share responsibility. The upright crow seems to be saying 'I'll dig'.

Next, some ravens flew down to see what was so interesting. The ravens here are easily twice the size of crows and watching them dig, tug and call leaves me awstruck. I think they are the most beautiful bird on this planet.

This shaggy fellow got a good mouthful before taking off...thank-you, goodbye and come again please.

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