Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As you can see, Seven has moved into the living room and is trying out his new corner cage. For a much larger view, click on it and then enlarge it. I have left it pretty plain inside so as not to overwhelm him. After a few hours he is still in the very same spot but he has relaxed quite a bit, even becoming a bit chatty. He has an outdoor pen on our covered porch right on the other side of the wall in which we will be adding a small window with a swinging screen pet door. Hopefully he will learn how to operate it without too much stress and come and go as he wishes. New "things" always scare crows, so I'll be adding toys and interesting objects into his new home slowly.


Anonymous Cathy said...

Wow! Seven's new home looks like a bird's version of a mansion. It's great!

Wed May 24, 08:55:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Black Crow said...

Wow Sara,
Sevens looks great in his new home !!

Mon Jun 05, 11:25:00 AM 2006  

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