Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I went back to Greenwood to look for the black cemetery cat and once again, I didn't see her. But I did find some crows!

You hear and see crows amongst the headstones in movies but I have never come across them at the cemetery except for high in the trees. I counted at least ten on the bright green grass walking, pecking and hopping about. I missed so many great photo opportunities as they flew up and settled on the various stones and crosses but I was too slow and they were constantly on the move. They didn't trust me as I inched along after them.

Groucho Marx comes to mind with this shot. The crow in front hunching over and saying to the other "Walk this way".


Anonymous Cathy said...

Hi Sara: Did you see "Young Frankenstein"...the line "walk this way" is in that, too.

Wed Sep 13, 09:43:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Albinocrow said...

ha ha ha Really? It's been awhile. What a team...Wilder, Boyle, Feldman and Kahn. Great movie.

Thu Sep 14, 03:14:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Cuervo Loco said...

A few weeks ago I was at the local graveyard "hangin-out" with a few of my little black-feathered friends that gathered to join the ones that were there before I came in "cawing".

I have a remarkably effective "crow-call" that took me a little more than a year to develop to the point that I can do it for up to an hour before it kills my voice for days afterward.

Anyway, that particular day was one that I'll not soon forget as I watched HUNDREDS of crows fly into an area where I was "cawing" out to them. They flew in and landed all around me. Some on the tops of the gravestones and monuments; others perched up in the trees and at the tops of the church bell tower, while others frolicked on the grass.

They stayed there with me for nearly an hour, many cawing back and forth with me, some flying around checking me out, some playing around with each other, and many just sitting around perched at various spots listening as I would speak to them with music I was playing for them from my car.

It was a unique and absolutely astounding experience to watch these hundreds of crows come flying in from all directions in direct response to my crow-calls, landing and settling down where I was located (actually flying, frolicking, and walking around on the grass, etc,), and then remain there for almost an hour, interacting with me the whole time before the majority finally decides to move on.

It was an absolutely amazing experience to me, as well as to some others who were there to witness this spectacular mass gathering of these intelligent black birds who's numerous wings literally filled the sky as they responded to my bird-calls, flying in from all directions while remaining for nearly an hour "cawing" back and forth with me before they left.

It was a fantastic sight to see!

Cuervo Loco

Sun Oct 08, 11:13:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Albinocrow said...

Wow, I have never had anything even remotely similiar happen to me. I have a crow call around here somewhere, I'll have to find it, but it sounds like your natural calling ability is the key.
So glad you call to enjoy the crows rather than to shoot at them.

Mon Oct 09, 07:11:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Walk this way"...If I walked that way, I would do something about it! muj

Thu Nov 02, 07:09:00 AM 2006  
Blogger SarahJane said...

looks like he's sweeping a long cape around him. nice shot.

Wed Nov 08, 12:47:00 PM 2006  

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