Friday, March 02, 2007

Honey bees are disappearing. It's called CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder and it has scientists buzzing. The important task of pollination cannot be underestimated.

You see bees, similar to homing pigeons rely on magnetic fields to guide where they need to go. Here is an excerpt from on Honey Bee Senses, Proprioception and Magnetism

"Proprioception is the sense used by an animal to feel the position and orientation of its body. Honeybees have very sensitive receptors located in the neck joint which determine which way up the head is pointing. The bees use this information to determine which way is up and to enable them to always fly upright.

Perhaps the most enigmatic of the bee's senses is their ability to read the Earth's magnetic field. Magnetism is used by many animals, including dolphins and pigeons. The honeybee, however, is more sensitive than any other creature known. They use this sense not only for navigation, but also when building the honeycomb panels of a new hive. If a powerful magnet is placed close to a hive which is under construction, a strange looking cylindrical comb will be produced. The shape of this comb will look like nothing ever found in nature.

It is not known exactly how this sensory modality functions. What is known is that a bee's abdomen contains many millions of tiny magnetic crystals. These crystals, which are first formed during the pupal stage of development, are contained within cells called trophocytes. Each trophocyte is connected to the nervous system."

Are our Earth's magnetic poles preparing to shift? The fading of the magnetic field has already begun and could be a precursor to the actual event.

Edgar Cayce, perhaps the most notable psychic of our time predicted this shift around the year 2000.

Unlike Global Warming which is something we as humans can possibly avert, is there any way to soften the blow of an actual polar shift? Perhaps only the bees know the answer.


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