Monday, May 26, 2008

Fala, a white crow for real...

The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley is so fortunate to have almost magically aquired this rare and spirit-like white crow named Fala, which is Choctaw for crow. Her caretaker is Trudi who manages the Outreach programs at the center. I found this article about her and Fala in the Saratoga News.

On May 30, The WCSV is hosting Jewels in Flight to help raise funds to provide critical care to injured, sick, and orphaned birds and mammals until they are ready to release back to the wild. This event will take place at the Hakone Gardens, part of the oldest Asian and Japanese estate in the Western Hemisphere.

I have created this folkart painting of Fala for the Jewels in Flight fundraiser.
It is acrylic on extra deep gallery wrapped canvas and the leaves continue around the edges. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Fala or Trudi in person but I do hope I have captured even just a hint of likeness of this extraordinary creature.

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